"The information offered here provides a path of least resistance to a healthier heart and longer life."

Health researcher and writer Lusk has painstakingly mined a variety of wide-ranging materials to inform those with heart disease and those who may be susceptible to it, elucidating the best remedies and techniques for preventing disease and improving heart health. He presents an organized examination of the blood vessels, structure, and activity of a normally constructed heart using both words and pictures. He then illustrates what can go wrong, as even the tiniest change can result in a major malfunction, either suddenly or over time. Risk factors include age (people over sixty-five), gender (more men than women), and ethnicities (most often other than Caucasian). Heart disease dangers can be modified by reducing smoking, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and weight.

The bulk of his book is a thorough description of vitamins, foods, health practices, and dietary supplements that can ameliorate heart ailments, such as pomegranate juice, magnesium, green tea, vitamin K2, calcium, and iodine, with dosages, cautions, and available sources noted. Lusk concludes by urging readers to use this data to "maintain an even stronger and healthier you."

Lusk brings his impressive credentials as a safety inspector and quality control specialist for the U.S. government to this latest manual. His earlier experience in the military inspired him to help others through his informational series, Share the Health. Having delved deeply into his subject matter, he helpfully lists the suppliers of supplements he suggests while avowing that he has no connection to those sources. Lusk's guide also offers readers more than thirty useful pages of endnotes that underpin his scholarly approach and provide material for further study. Since heart disease and hypertension affect so many, his book will surely be appreciated by many interested readers who will appreciate its honesty, simplicity, and wealth of practical advice.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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