Heart of the Sea
by Riya Surana

"Olivia took the heart of the sea and put it back to where it truly belongs."

Deep down in the ocean, there is a girl named Olivia whose job is to guard the heart of the sea. When she realizes one day that the heart is missing, she swims to the surface in hopes of finding the thing she values most. When she reaches the air, she sees what has happened to it, but because she has a tail instead of feet, she cannot do anything to get it back. The boy who has taken the heart of the sea is long gone, and she wonders how she can tell her father that she has let it be taken. Many years later, the boy returns. When he befriends Olivia, and she buys legs of her own, she is finally reunited with what she has yearned so long for.

Children are sure to love this exciting story of the missing heart of the sea as they follow Olivia on her journey to land for the first time. Young readers will undoubtedly relate to some of Olivia’s struggles as she gets distracted easily (probably like they do) and has to come up with a way to solve her problem herself. They will also rejoice with her when she gets her legs and is finally able to do what she had only ever dreamed of doing. Surana, who was only six years old when she wrote this book, connects with her fellow children readers by expressing extreme emotion through her characters. In this story, her characters’ feelings transform quickly from shock to confusion, worry, curiosity, excitement, and even joy. Kids will likely love every turn the tale takes!

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