Heaven Is Amazing
by Carolyn T. Linn

"I believe marriage is forever, and I look forward to being reunited in heaven with my husband who is now whole and perfect."

After the death of her husband, Linn is certain that he is in heaven and wonders what it might be like. She believes deeply in Jesus Christ and that she, too, will go to heaven upon her death. In this heartfelt book, Linn hopes to share with others how she has prepared for her journey to heaven so that her readers can do the same. By beginning the ultimate journey while still on Earth, Linn believes that God will come to dwell within and thus make the encounter in heaven much more beautiful.

Linn cites scripture throughout the book and includes many passages from the Bible. She describes the world of heaven in vivid detail, with chariots and antique cars traveling along crisscrossing streets that lead to spectacular homes. Linn’s colorful and whimsical descriptions of heaven are a joy to read. There are universities to attend, balconies to peer over to see loved ones back on Earth, and even a “Creation Lab” where God proves he is the ultimate creator. Hell, Linn writes, is a place that can be avoided by receiving his salvation. Many of the details of her book are inspired by author Kat Kerr and her books Revealing Heaven and Revealing Heaven II.

In her book, Linn raises a great many questions about the transition to heaven and leaves her readers with much to dwell on. A particularly lovely conjecture is that long-lost beloved pets will also be waiting for those who arrive there. Overall, this is a moving book about what to expect in the days after death and, perhaps even more importantly, how to live one’s spiritual life while still here on Earth.

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