Heaven to Gain and Hell to Shun
by Doreen Rose
PageTurner Press and Media

"The future is certain
There will be a rapture,
Jesus will come again,
There will be a judgment,
There is a heaven and a hell."

Inspired by a quote from the reverend of her church, Rose delivers a text that is both impeccably researched—drawing from a litany of resources and scripture—and profoundly simple to digest for all audiences, especially youth that may not fully grasp the concept of faith in such turbulent times. Unlike typical scripture-based literature, the author makes a concerted effort to provide a concrete guide on how to read and digest the Bible in a manner that is both highly engaging and actionable to one's life.

From Genesis to Exodus, the work tells of man's failures and the road to redemption. For each section of the piece, the illustrative timelines are a stroke of brilliance, facilitating a seamless experience for readers as they follow the different events that have become the bedrock of human history. Interestingly, the work centers on Jesus Christ's second coming, emphatically trying to awaken readers to use their lives on Earth as preparation for heaven. Perhaps what is most intriguing about Rose's endeavor is its ability to ask pertinent, universal questions. Using a range of scripture narratives—including but not limited to the Epistle of Jude, letters that delve into the dangers of "false and immoral teachers" in the church, Jesus's encounter with Satan in the wilderness, Abel's offering, and Noah's Ark—the author instills a thorough understanding of complex topics, such as whether proof of heaven's reality exists.

Whether the text is providing educational insight into the different types of individuals (natural, carnal, and spiritual) or conveying the temptation for man to believe he no longer needs God, Rose's colossal time investment pays great dividends to the reader by being a bridge between the intricacy of the Bible and modern man. It is an unquestionably great supplement to understanding key verses and deciphering God's divinity.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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