by Thomas Duffy

"I’m Peter. I have a strong faith in God and believe I have a purpose which is why I decided to come tonight."

This unique novel examines the mundane life of John Robinson, a lover of films who works at a movie theater. He struggles with the basics of life no matter what he does. But when John is accidentally murdered and finds himself going through the tunnel into another realm of existence, he begs to be allowed to reincarnate immediately to fix what he wasn't able to do in his life. He is then reborn as Peter.

As a young boy, Peter seems to do better than John, but his life also becomes mundane. God and his "Officer" Andrea have been following John and now Peter, and they aren't impressed. They examine whether Peter is made for this world, for once again he struggles with women, work, and his religion. Peter experiences visions and dreams, including his death in a previous life. He starts seeing a prostitute and feels connected to her and her daughter. What will become of him? Will he be taken to the other side by God and Andrea or find happiness on Earth?

An interesting look into reincarnation through a fictional glance, the author's story examines the mundane aspects of life from both the lives of John and Peter. It offers a look into sin and evil, suicide, and prostitution, as seen by Peter's Catholicism. While having an interesting topic, the ordinariness of the protagonist does little to enliven the narrative. However, the book shines in its examination of the human side of prostitution. It also explores the varieties of love and commitment and what religion is all about, allowing the reader to examine their own beliefs.

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