HellGirl: Rise of Hellion
by Mary Ramsey
Rushmore Press

"We’re all here because the real world is a sick, unfair place."

Homeless teen, Nicki, finds herself pulled into a world of chaos after trying to help a young girl named Anya escape from a human trafficking ring. After the head of the trafficking ring is secured in the sting, Nikki discovers that the international organization, Valkyrie, is recruiting her. She is transported to Valkyrie's mobile base, where she is given food, clothing, and a place to sleep. However, things are not as they seem. She is being stalked by Faust, an international terrorist who manages to set off an explosion on the base ship. Nicki awakens to find her legs have been amputated and sharing a room in a secret hospital with Tony, who has been horribly injured. She soon learns that Anya has been arrested as a double agent. However, Anya escapes, and her ally, Baron, takes Nicki to Siberia, where Nicki meets Noah. When Nicki and Anya flee Siberia for Canada, Nicki soon discovers she is pregnant with Noah's child.

This sci-fi novel is filled with action and intrigue. Its strong protagonist, Nicki, will delight readers. The characters are well-rounded, and the plot is strong, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers interested. Ramsey is a gifted writer who can grab the reader's attention from the beginning and never lose it. Her plot is intriguing and inventive. There are some disturbing scenes in the book, though. For example, the description of Tony's injuries is quite graphic, and there are sex scenes that render the book inappropriate for younger readers. However, the novel is a marvelous choice for those who enjoy thrillers with a twist of sci-fi intrigue. This page-turner will likely keep readers up late as they follow Nicki's adventures.

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