HISLAM: Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace
by E. Douglass Brown, Ph.D
Parchment Global Publishing

"The tyrants… are corrupt beliefs, the words used to communicate the beliefs, and the social and political pressures exerted to compel people to accept the beliefs."

Though similar sounding, the word “hislam” has no connection to Islam. Instead, Brown’s use of the term is predicated upon a resolve to unveil the truth of the “corruption of the human worship of religion.” Wasting no time in getting his point across, Brown simplifies hislam as the distortion of the spiritual truth. His work takes audiences through some of the most notorious distortions from the context of scripture and divinity to establish the clash between the purity of inner spiritual emotions and the outward Satan-led distortions that lead one astray.

Using the metaphor of fake flowers and debris contaminating the fertile field of the mind as a representation of distorted religion, the author renders practices like idolatry invalid. Throughout much of the work, Brown employs authentic scripture such as the Bible and Quran to mount a strong argument to address those who doubt the existence of God. In the process, the text suggests that those who submit to the Lord unconditionally have acquired the ultimate antidote to hislam.

As the work progresses, Brown provides a section directly aimed at “theophobes” who have inadvertently planned their escape from God consciousness and, as a whole, have found themselves in destructive settings including, but not limited to gambling, elicit sex, and alcohol consumption. In each section of the work, Brown successfully demystifies numerous complex topics. At the same time, he effectively sparks a discussion of the church versus state and the underlying erosion of morality. Moreover, Brown is fearless when it comes to using the Lord’s divine word (scripture) to help audiences digest complex topics such as unwanted pregnancies and divorce. The book’s engaging voice fused with evergreen, universal content that promotes a shift in how readers think about the world and their existence makes for a meaningful read.

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