Holy Spirit of Fire
by Tim Henry
Author’s Tranquility Press

"We need to constantly seek Jesus and the Holy Spirit with the baptism of the fire of the Holy Spirit."

Writer and pastor Henry has composed this lengthy treatise to share with others the truths he has gained in a life of Christian exploration. His title references the great blessing left to all humanity after the earthly death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus—the gift and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Henry makes numerous points through his conveyance of passages from the Holy Bible, such as using scripture to demonstrate that this gift existed even before "man or even the earth had form."

With the advent of Jesus, humankind's chances for salvation were firmly and permanently bestowed. Scripture recounts and the author presents and interprets hundreds of large and small incidents in which Jesus proved his power and wisdom. These are especially seen when Jesus is questioned or challenged, as when two men possessed by demons approach him begging to have the devils thrown to a herd of pigs, which then rushed to drown themselves. As Henry points out, these demons, who clearly recognized Jesus and his holy powers, were asking him for their own destruction.

Another example concerns Jesus being questioned by the Pharisees, who hope to trip him up by asking if men should "give tribute unto Caesar." Jesus, who is not fooled by their tactics, tells them that since Caesar's picture appears on the coin, it should be paid to him, and they should also render unto God the things that come from God. Throughout the New Testament, which forms the major crux for Henry's assertions, Jesus, acting through the Holy Spirit, will continue to help followers of faith make the right choices, including which church to attend and how to deal with the interference of Satan in one's life. Using events in his own life as further food for study, Henry concludes that God made possible our relationship with Him through the works of Jesus and thence through the seal of the Holy Spirit.

Henry is a Pentecostal pastor who has made mission trips abroad and participated in religion in his Georgia home region. As he frankly recounts, it took many years for his deep bonds to the Christian faith to be formed. He has developed this multilayered material based on his personal religious life and the times he strayed far from the spiritual path, giving his words sincerity, credibility, and empathy. The book he presents would certainly have been time-consuming and laborious to create, with biblical passages on nearly every page, accompanied by his discourse upon them. The sequence is logical, and his writing style is didactic yet humble, allowing readers to think through each moral matter raised freely.

Henry urges readers to choose their church carefully, considering what Jesus would wish and in what ways the institution's tenets will mirror their desire to follow the leadings and feelings of connection with the word of God and the impetus offered by the Holy Spirit acting on their lives. Regardless of sect or denomination, Henry's words should be read and discussed by sincere Christians for further revelations into the meaning of scripture and its application to belief and action.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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