Homo Too Sapiens: A Consciousness Dilemma
by Piero Rivolta
Author Reputation Press

"We—all of humanity—must start over again and seek out simplicity."

In this collection of one man's casual musings, a plea for simplicity plays a featured role. Though seeking wisdom into life's big questions is no simple task, these thoughts offer nourishment. This collection of sincere ponderings and flashes of insight come from a lifelong learner, a renaissance man who has lived a long life and has seen and done many interesting things, such as designing IsoRivolta sports cars and breeding horses.

Each short, lyrical pearl of wisdom asks humanity to be honest with itself. Sometimes the passages request the reader to pause, think, and participate in the simple act of pondering. At other times, they discourage overthinking. Just as "curiosity is the daughter of intelligence," this poet-philosopher advises dwelling in a state of buoyant curiosity. For example, Rivolta encourages readers to be married but sees ways the institution of marriage might be more refined to more freely express human nature. The idea of freedom appears throughout the ten sections of the book. Thus, freedom receives consideration and reconsideration without being constricted to a singular definition. This is consistent with this author's philosophy that certainty is an enemy to freedom.

The collection celebrates a mind that enjoys wandering. For anyone who keeps a life journal, this book offers great prompts for writing deep ruminations. The tone of the book is friendly and invites the reader to participate in contemplation. At turns, there is advice on many topics, from approaching bureaucracy to growing in every aspect of one's being. At other turns, there are opinions and perspectives delivered in a sensible tone. But it doesn't stop at advice or opinions. Instead, the collection also offers humorous thoughts on Italian culture and government. Whether doling out advice or cracking jokes, these reflections invigorate the spirit.

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