How I Got Off That Tree Limb
by Dr. Gregory Harris
Author Reputation Press

"Choosing to love and forgive has helped me to get off of the tree limb."

Harris recounts his life experiences from childhood to adulthood in this inspirational book. Even though life has never been easy on him, he has never given up and has kept moving forward. The words of the Lord have helped him all the way through. The author also explains how his upbringing helped shape him into the kind of person he is now. He believes that hard work always pays off. And indeed, he has experienced it many times. He has always achieved his goals and pursued his dreams. He has never let anyone bring him down. He just keeps on believing in himself and following God’s plans. For example, he taught in school for ten years and decided to become a principal. He had a solid goal on his mind, so he was not going to let anyone prevent him from doing so.

The author is honest with his audience and does not hold back. For instance, he depicts the scene in which his first wife left him with his children. He candidly expresses the emotions he went through at that particular moment. He eventually forgave her and moved on with his life. Harris' book can truly inspire others to keep pushing and fight for their dreams. Even though the author has had his inner struggles, he has never given up, thanks to the Almighty. In his journey, he truly believes in the power of having a positive mindset and positive people around him. Harris' inspiring story can greatly impact those who seek to chase a better life and achieve their goals.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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