How Much Love Can a Heart Hold? A Book About Big Hearts and New Siblings
by Angela Panayotopulos

"The heart is a sun that never sets, an equation that never divides... the more it’s used, the bigger it gets."

Children, particularly only children, can often feel like their parents’ love is a finite commodity and that the more things that exist to receive that love, the less love there is for them. This book uses poetry, gorgeous soft illustrations, and an assuring tone to promise that even with another baby on the way, the reader will still be as loved as ever and no less a part of the family unit. By examining and trying to explain what love is and what it is capable of, the hope is that the young child in doubt feels safe and reassured, content with the knowledge that they are not being pushed aside and enabling them to open their heart to the possibilities of excitement and love of a new sibling.

The comforting, soothing watercolor backgrounds and illustrations of adorable animals living in packs and families give children a safe space to explore their feelings in this book. Given the subject material, tone of the writing, and the personal nature of the message that is being sent, this is a book probably best read together rather than leaving for a child to read on their own. Though the direct and literal moral of the story is about a family growing larger, the sentiments apply to any situation where a child might feel like they are receiving less love for any number of reasons. Stories like this often express feelings that adults may have a hard time putting into words, creating a moment of communication and security that can kickstart a much larger, more specific conversation. This is a welcome addition to any parent’s library. It helps turn a potentially stressful situation into an opportunity to share love and support.

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