Humor All the Way
by Renee’ Servello

"Kids don’t understand how quickly our days pass, but SENIORS sure do!"

These bite-sized anecdotes, photographs, and quotes contain humorous insights into all the challenges and quiet rewards that come from entering the fifty-five-plus bracket of human society. They cover, with gentle and lighthearted glee, what are common issues for many seniors—including the rapid acquisition of medications to combat various symptoms, interacting with spouses after many years together, and trying to understand the many ways in which the world has changed over the decades (amidst all the wonders of figuring out the latest types of technology). And as the opening pages of this comedic anthology stress, as they get older, everyone should be ready to fill out paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork.

This book would be the perfect gift to give someone who has gained the distinction of becoming a senior, and it often reads like a quirky guide for adjusting to those golden years. While two of its biggest strengths are its sensitivity and relatability to its target audience, it also has a distinct charm capable of making people of any age smile. The voices found throughout the text—the narrator’s and those in the quotes—are kind-hearted and gentle. They make it clear that although life is not always easy as we age, we can still have fun and find countless joys in the world around us. The message is clear that being able to find humor in our everyday routines can make a great deal of difference in our experiences, and that creates a very wise and encouraging read.

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