If Then: A Thrilling Young Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure
by Carol B. Allen
Metropolitan Publishing

"She felt as if she were fighting against Murphy's Law. Anything that could go wrong on this planet, would."

In the sequel to the applauded Amazon bestseller and NYC Book Awards Gold Medal Winner One If, teens Parker, Henley, and Edison face off against planet Spyridon's Empress of the Underworld, Diadora. This second of the Virago Fantasy series picks up the story with protagonist Parker Kittredge assuming the role of Sky Queen of Spyridon's Upperworld. With its Upperworld of avian creatures and Underworld of fish-like creatures, Spyridon is plagued by both civil war and global warming, putting it on the path to destruction. It falls to Parker and her friends to prevent the planet's devastation. But to do this, they must confront the fierce Diadora. Fraught with danger, their journey to save Spyridon takes the trio to the far reaches of the planet. Will they succeed in saving it and returning to Earth?

Allen's second installment in the series is action-packed from the beginning. She draws the reader in with fantastical characters and descriptive language. The author's fully developed characters are relatable and appealing to the target audience, the young adult reader. An avid supporter of STEM and environmental causes, Allen reflects her interest in such and her desire to encourage young women to enter the sciences through not only the storyline but also a strong female protagonist. From beginning to end, this is an adventurous ride with an educational bonus, rendering it perfect for the classroom. Though written for the young adult reader, readers of all ages who enjoy the fantasy genre will appreciate the book and the author's adeptness at creating a unique and interesting world.

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