In the Shadow of an Eagle
by James Safreno
Goldtouch Press

"This park, that I am trying to create, I want it so beautiful I wish it to come near to the Garden of Eden."

In this novel, Safreno moves the saga of the York family forward to the 1960s. James York, a direct descendant of Soaring Eagle with Many Coups, is in high school. From the start, he seems to have much in common with his extraordinary ancestor. However, his life is not adventurous and exciting. He is a lackluster student, a mediocre athlete, and seems to have little direction.

James enlists in the military during the Vietnam War. Everything is about to change drastically. Now, armed with a clear mission and mentorship, he begins to hone his talents and focus his energy. He proves himself to be a highly intelligent, capable leader. It doesn't take long for him to rise through the ranks. His great-great-grandfather's charisma and exceptional vision start to surface as James takes command of units in Europe. He goes on to have a highly decorated career.

Early in his adulthood, James inherits some property near his uncle's place. It's run down, but James has a spectacular plan for this land. He invests time and money into its development while he is on duty in Europe. Safreno uses this property as a metaphor for James' transformation. As James gains wisdom and maturity throughout the story, the land becomes a park, and the house is refurbished.

The author has delivered another deeply moving, intelligent novel. The multidimensional characters display a full range of human experiences, and there is plenty of action and adventure in the plot. However, the focus is on the evolution of the characters. The author's use of dialogue strengthens the connection to the audience. The scenes are described with vivid realism. This is a fun, heartwarming narrative that has something for every reader. After devouring this story, they will anxiously await Safreno's next book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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