by Leonard Zimmerman MD
Outskirts Press

"Max’s country was headed in the same awful direction as ours but a group of scientists specializing in revolution and human behavior came up with a plan which reversed the downward trend, creating a society where people want to follow The Golden Rule…"

With his ambitious novel, Zimmerman takes his readers on a unique science fiction journey through time and space. In a different galaxy and on “planet number three”—which is identical to Earth in every way—is a country called Truman. Sadly, much like our planet today, Truman was headed for disaster, and the “Evolutionary Psychology” took charge of their people and taught them The Golden Rule, which saved them and brought them back to happiness. Seeing their success, the elders of Truman decided to save some of their most respected people from aging so they could teach future generations about The Golden Rule. The plan does not go quite as expected, however, and Max Brand, a sixty-year-old physician, ends up on present-day Earth where he sets out to teach modern-day mankind The Golden Rule of Altruism.

Zimmerman has crafted a spellbinding novel about human evolution and evolutionary psychology. As a doctor himself, Zimmerman’s deep understanding of human nature is evident in both the story world and the characters he has created in his book. The main protagonist, Max Brand, is an admirable hero who dedicates his life to saving humans from self-destruction. Readers will be transported from ancient times to the modern day while witnessing how all humans in every manner of time and space are essentially the same. All are subject to racism, fear, envy, and competition, and it is only by living in the same moral code of altruism that humanity will survive. This is a thoughtful and compelling novel about the fate of mankind and the choices people must make if they are to survive in this chaotic world.

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