Inside My Ugly Mind
by Jacob Gallegos

"Around me fly empty bags
Like ghosts in the streets’"

In this unique, artistic poetry collection, readers discover the fine line where the everyday world collides with pain, depression, and solitude. In these raw verses, readers encounter walls placed in deserts, a speaker fully aware of their brokenness, and empty days where one’s loneliness resounds loudly. Poems like “Iron Butterfly” remind one that life is a strange mixture of pain, pleasure, and happiness. “Antidote” is a gentle reminder that everyone carries their own secrets. Other poems like “Etched” serve as a testimony to those people who briefly enter one’s life but leave a lasting impression. Accompanying the poems are blank pages that are the perfect space for readers to experiment with their own writing and drawing.

This book is part confessional poetry collection, part artistic endeavor, part inspiration, and part private journal. Separating the poems are unique ink drawings that range from the peaceful to the surreal. These drawings echo the poems’ unfiltered, authentic voice and give a unique life to the pieces. The collection celebrates poetry in all its forms and structures, balancing between long and short poems which mimic one’s emotional ebb and flow. The brief, three-line selections in the collection wave like philosophical flames as they offer small, thought-provoking snippets reminiscent of ancient Chinese poets. As it concludes, the book offers readers a hopeful assertion: “The battle continues, and so do the tears, but you WILL NEVER BE ALONE.” This collection asks readers to look inside themselves and consider the cracks and fractures they are afraid to reveal.

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