Inside the Grey
by Bobbi Groover
Satin Romance

"They were sensations he had never felt before, not even with Lavinia."

This captivating story follows the adventures of Brayden, who is searching for his best friend, Caleb. Union raiders took him because he was accused of hiding a rebel convict. They plan on hanging him. Brayden is ready to do anything possible to find his dear friend. Life has not been easy for him because he is still grieving the tragic death of his wife. At this point, it is essential for him not to lose another loved one. Brayden begins this journey with the help of his friends. Along the way, he crosses paths with Kawley, a mysterious lady with many talents. She is looking for her brother, who was also taken by the Union raiders. She is determined to find him. At first, Brayden and Kawley do not trust each other, but throughout this journey, they will come together to find their loved ones.

From the story's beginning, Groover tackles the theme of brotherhood through the lenses of her protagonist. For example, Brayden considers Caleb a brother and is willing to do anything to find him and even put his own life at risk. Meanwhile, Kawley slowly becomes important to Brayden also. She is portrayed as a versatile character who can switch from a southern accent to a northern one and can also speak French. She disguises herself as a man and is believable. Brayden calls her "a veritable chameleon," and he is completely impressed by her. She has taken his breath away. The author gives a good description of the characters' psychological states. For instance, when she mentions the death of Brayden's wife, one can feel that he still feels guilty about her death. As a result, he has this urge to protect Kawley at all costs because he does not want the past to repeat itself. Groover has truly crafted an engaging read.

A 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize Short List book

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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