"The moon was round and pale as a communion wafer, but it had no absolution to offer."

In this dark, psychological collection, readers visit the fringes of terror and the darkest depths of the human psyche. Murdering husbands thrive on revenge regardless of the consequences. An anonymous voice possesses the power to brainwash a nation and forever transform the American landscape. A mysterious woman walks her cat in Paris and reveals a sinister secret to a questioning passerby. Readers also find stories of rogue assassins ready to turn their lives around, only to find that karma has different plans for them, and enter realms in which a person's preference in wines is a measure of their character. By the book's end, readers have traveled to the past, where the laws of the Wild West reign supreme, and independent men are tested not only by the harshness of nature but also the hostility that grows with the slightest provocation between fellow humans.

This collection is a treasure trove of darkness and sinister behaviors. These stories leave readers questioning if humankind can ever overcome its inherent evil and inclination toward violence or whether or not it is destined to struggle forever against the animal instincts that turn humans against one another. Standout stories include the psychologically horrifying and delightfully strange "White Wine in the Afternoon," "The Woman Who Walked Her Cat," and "The Voice," which has overtones of George Orwell's 1984. Those readers who appreciate introspective and philosophical prose blended with subtle yet prophetic examinations of the human psyche will enjoy this collection. This thrilling, riveting work propels readers into the depths that they cannot see or knowingly avoid, and the stories leave readers wondering if they'll ever be the same after encounters that leave their minds and skin crawling.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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