by Larry Paige

"If today is called today
Then what will
Tomorrow bring
A flower in the rain
A stone against the grain...The joy without the pain."

In a life full of transition and evolution, Paige's poetry is an appraisal of humanity's material-driven mindset. As the compilation seeks a return to unfiltered and unconditional love in all capacities of existence, the emphasis is undoubtedly on the work being a beacon of light and hope through positivity. Throughout, the poetry instills positive affirmations, especially via the personification of happiness. More importantly, Paige dives into his mission to help people remember that their mere existence is a miracle worthy of every breath taken on this planet. While the focus is on positivity and inspiration, the poetry is committed to creating awareness for life's challenges, ranging from nagging old habits to an inherent lack of self-worth and love for one's self.

At its core, being happy is not predicated upon outward experiences. On the contrary, imagination is the root of inspiration, as Paige highlights a series of meaningful activities such as running the LA Marathon, baking a German chocolate cake, or flirting with sharks. Progressing forward into the compilation, the poet uses metaphors of gardens and the symbolism of morning and flowers to express joy and hope.

On a stylistic level, the poet's focus is less on adherence to figurative language and more on an easy-flowing, content-focused delivery. The simplicity with which the energy of music and prayer is integrated into the work will appeal to all readers of poetry. Above all else, Paige's poetry inspires readers to appreciate each day and each breath because, in his words, "life is always in session." Imbued with strong imagery, the work is a meaningful read that simply and concisely delivers its message to all readers.

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