"I find myself thinking about what happened to me in December and where I'm at today. I now see how God and prayers really work."

The authors' memoir is about how God works miracles amidst tragic experiences. In December 2019, Wayne suffered a dramatic, head-on collision with a truck on his way to work. He had been a beloved school bus driver in his community for thirty years. This disaster would change his life forever. Wayne was taken by helicopter to Parkland Hospital, where paramedics worked tirelessly to save his life, despite their doubts that he would recover. Because of hundreds of prayers, trust in God, support of family and friends, and personal determination, Wayne made a miraculous recovery. He and Jolyn were united as man and wife within months of the accident. This life-altering experience created a desire in Wayne to spread the truth of God's infinite power, love, and mercy. The book closes with the wondrous note that, despite all odds, he had made a near-full recovery only a year after the accident.

This candid memoir is told from the perspective of a husband and wife. They chose to tell their story by using their personal Facebook posts made during the time of the accident and the subsequent year of recovery. The reader gets a real sense of Wayne's profound spiritual experience in 2020 during his miraculous recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the authors' book is laid out in chronological order of the Facebook posts, making for a quick and easy read. This method also allows the reader to have a similar experience reading the book as the couple's friends and relatives must have had while viewing the daily updates on social media. This stirring memoir will uplift the hearts of Christian and non-Christian readers alike who are searching for answers on how to find joy and peace through the hardships of life.

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