Intrigue at 404 Appalling Street
by George S. Haines

"Do you mean you intend to conduct chemical experiments similar to the series we completely in Germany during the 1930’s?"

Former Nazi Panzer tank commander Colonel Helmut Schmidt is known to law enforcement as Red Fox. After the Americans defeat his Eighth Panzer Tank Corps, the highly decorated colonel escapes capture only to be recruited to work a covert operation in the United States. However, the end of the war forces Schmidt to live one step ahead of the American military police while trying to amass a fortune and escape to South America. He is convinced that he can find the hidden treasure rumored to be hidden in the Prudely Mansion in a small Indiana town. He recruits a former subordinate from his war days to help with the endeavor. When his old lab partner, Hilda, enters the picture, he is excited by the prospect of reviving their partnership and building a lab in which they can recreate the mind-controlling formula, BrainX.

Haines' story of Red Fox's antics as he attempts to build a lab in the Prudely mansion and recreate the formula for BrainX is a fun read for anyone looking for an interesting crime novel. Appropriate for readers of all ages, the author weaves a tale of the criminal enterprise, which stems from the somewhat diabolical mind of Red Fox. The plot is intriguing with its cat and mouse game between criminal and pursuer. Part of its appeal is in its third-person point of view, in which the reader is aware of the imminent discovery of Red and his cohorts. The backstory of the mansion is a nice inclusion as it offers a bit of dark humor. Those who enjoy stories involving an exploration of the criminal mind and the detectives out to foil its evil workings will appreciate this well-written, entertaining read.

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