It's a Perfect Day for a Duck
by Paula Abare

"It's a perfect day for a duck. I bought three pink flowers for a buck."

In this very short book for young children, the author notes that she wrote and drew this while awaiting the birth of her grandson. His birth was "truly a perfect day for Grandma!" The story is about having a perfect day with the narrator being a duck who goes on various outings all day long. In a rhyming style, the little duck enjoys listening to the chickens, watching corn being shucked, watching the feed truck be filled, and splashing in the rain with a friend, Huck. The duck enjoys eating corn, playing with a turtle friend, flying around and not getting stuck in traffic, buying flowers, and giving the flowers to a loved one.

The illustrations reveal all of the actions in simple but colorful art. The author is obviously a born storyteller, and she has chosen to put one of her best into book form. Written appropriately, it is a simple tale of only ten pages but with each page illustrated. It teaches children about exploring and enjoying their daily activities, such as the duck did. It also shows the value of love for one another, including animals. This is because through animals, children can greatly relate to feelings and caring behaviors. The value of every daily activity is seen as delightful. Children can follow along by examining the illustrations that go with each of the pages of dialogue. Also, rhyming is a valuable way to learn words, and the book can be read in a fun, sing-song manner. In short, this is a basic but sweet story that young ones will likely read again and again.

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