Karma: My Journey
by Karma Sammy
Author Reputation Press

"Every day is a new day with new blessings from the Lord."

Author Sammy survived many painful adversities, remaining strong in her Christian faith throughout. Born in poverty in Trinidad and Tobago, she was steeped in local culture, the Indian religion of her father, and her mother’s Catholic traditions. These intriguing influences would coalesce when, in her teens and faced with an unwanted arranged marriage, the author began having strange, seemingly real visions and physical sensations that caused her to scream. She went temporarily blind and was often in a coma-like trance. Her parents consulted with medical doctors, Hindu and Catholic priests, and local sages practicing differing forms of voodoo and herbal remediation. Still, her agonies persisted. When the family began attending an evangelical Christian church, Sammy was miraculously healed, later testifying about her harrowing experiences and her gratitude to God. This led to her defiance of tradition, marrying a man she loved instead of the one chosen for her. The two would move to Oregon, where they now live, working together in devotion to the Lord.

Even after facing near-death traumas, seeing two of her five children pass away, and making a major change by leaving her birthplace to settle in the US, Sammy and her family continue practicing Christian faith and action. She has composed her memoir with emotion and the clear wish to share her challenges and spiritual wisdom with a wide audience. She vividly recounts amazing positive occurrences, such as being given a home and a car when they first immigrated (both by strangers), encouraging them to firmly root their lives in their new homeland and to plant churches in their region as well as reaching beyond the immediate area to preach and share their convictions. Sammy’s adventures, imbued with a Christian vision, would make a lively focus for individual and group study.

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