"Stay focused and God-conscious as we determine in our mind to be obedient to God’s plans for us."

The author has composed a guide for readers to determine what messages in their lives come from God and which are the “report” of others the devil may manipulate. Stress is given to recognizing the powerful ways that God can influence his people to strive toward righteous living. The author constructs an analogy of a race, in which one must divest oneself of the burdens of negative thinking, dress in God’s armor, then “pray, get set, go!”

Another significant channel for considering how to ignore the illusory insults and discouragements thrown in one’s path is given in the analogy of masking. Though masks are associated with the Covid restrictions, the author asserts that people always mask, trying to please others by putting on the appearance that is most attractive and least offensive. Yet God loves all people and sees their true worth. Following the godly path can lead one to wish to help and encourage others, as the author has done, as she demonstrates in many recollections infused in this work, illustrating her rise from being ignored, mistreated, and misguided to someone who now comforts and ministers to those in need.

This debut work offers a lively combination of personal memoir, scriptural references, and an exhortation to readers to look beyond the unkindness and even direct abuse that others may demonstrate. Instead, people should constantly remind themselves of God’s love. She has included several dynamic listings regarding “Defining Moments” that aid in understanding the difference between reports from God and those from “the enemy.” Her book concludes with three emotive poems—“Beauty,” Speak,” and “Mirror”—offering yet another medium for welcoming God into one’s life. Her thoughts comprise a spiritual reference manual for those seeking aid and comfort as they strive to keep God foremost in their lives.

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