"People are your most important treasure."

This colorful, fast-moving journey through African legends heartens the reader in its far-reaching breadth and span. Africa gives the world kings, queens, freedom fighters, doctors, athletes, and many heroes whose stories inspire children today. This book contains gorgeous, full-page color portraits of these famous people. They glow with vibrant charm. So many legendary figures appear, from the more famous Queen Cleopatra and Desmond Tutu to the less well-known Wangari Maathai.

While it tells historical facts, this resource also presents these legends through stories. The tales highlight some of the toughest challenges these figures faced in their lifetimes. From oppressive rulers to environmental injustices, human struggles forced people to rise to mighty challenges. For example, readers learn how Dr. Miracle helped mothers deliver babies amidst wartime gunfire. There are accounts of brave women who fought for peace in their countries and courageous men who love the Earth so much they install solar energy panels all over Africa. This book gives readers historical literacy with a sense of hope. It can help young readers understand sacrifices and hard work. It can also help young people feel awe about what these leaders did in their lifetimes to pave the way for today's freedoms and comforts.

Readers will undoubtedly relate to these legendary people's struggles, such as questions of identity and wanting to know ways to be confident about one's inner beauty and outer appearance. The narrative tone is realistic and uplifting in a way that gives hope that in a world full of war, there are good people who want to keep children safe. And just as Chimamanda Adichie celebrates the importance for everyone to be a storyteller, a child reading this book will wish to learn more about history. Plus, young people will feel the courage and desire to start telling their stories, too.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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