Liberty, Science, and Wealth
by Ralph. L. Bayrer

"The economic gap between advanced and poor societies continues to widen, even though a trillion or more dollars of aid has been provided by the developed to the underdeveloped countries."

Bayrer's book focuses on a broad range of topics from economics to Confucianism. The author has written an impressive work that will appeal to all those who wish to learn more about American prosperity and its relation to the countries around it. The rise and fall of empires have a rippling effect that continues to shape today's world. Bayrer painstakingly examines the errors that past and present leaders have made and where the United States of America can go from here.

Bayrer has written an intelligent book asking big questions about freedom and wealth and the economics of both. He focuses on the last millennium of human progress and offers a plethora of facts and comparisons between wealthy nations and poorer ones. The author includes pages of graphs and maps as well as other helpful images that aid the reader in understanding the complex issues he presents. The chapter headings alone have alluring titles from "Wealth of Nations: the Cultural Nexus" to "Innate Resistance to Change."

The author also offers insightful quotes from Darwin to Friedrich von Hayek and investigates the intricacies of religions from Buddhism to Christianity. Spanning the globe from Africa to America to Russia to the Middle East to Europe and beyond, Bayrer's book discusses countries and continents large and small in great detail. After reading his book, students and historians alike will be riveted by the author's well-presented information and have plenty to ponder. Overall, this is a thought-provoking work about the progress of nations and the decisions that led them to where they are today.

A 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Reference Category Honorable Mention

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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