Life: What It's All About
by Robert Todd
Pen Culture Solutions

"If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you always got."

As stated by the author, "The opinions in this book are my interpretations of the facts gathered over many years as a trainer and clinical hypnotherapist practicing in the area of past life regression solving phobias and other problems." The book is written as a conversation between Thomas, a seeker of truth, and Peter, one who has "studied the mind and has improved many people's lives." Thomas and Peter meet on several occasions as Thomas seeks to understand life's meaning. Their conversations cover topics such as the brain, karma, meditation, near-death and out-of-body experiences, and the afterlife. The author discusses the soul, its characteristics, its purpose, and its reincarnation over many lifetimes. Included are three appendices that cover the main symbols, general symbols, and quotes from the book.

This short read presents an interesting view of life's meaning. The author's use of a conversation between two characters is a helpful tool in presenting this intriguing information. Written to help those who seek a way of understanding their personal life journey, it brings the author's many years of experience into one succinct publication. As the two characters continue their conversation over many weeks, they touch upon ways to improve one's quality of life through understanding such fascinating concepts as reincarnation and past lives. With explanations of important symbols that may appear in dreams, the appendixes increase one's understanding of the subject matter. Todd pulls from his clients' real-life experiences and case studies in this mesmerizing work. Throughout the book, the author presents compelling concepts.

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