Love Has a Blind Eye
by Clarence Mike Dunaway
PageTurner Press and Media

"I’m a little spooky of the neighborhood, even in the daytime, much less in the dark of night."

Some books are slow burners, as the authors struggle to unravel their delicate plots, add unnecessary words, and far too much detail. The increased ability to produce works of fiction has watered down the quality of many tales. Then there are books that come at you like a rush, that waste no time, written by authors who have a firm and commanding hand. This book is without question among the latter. It is a provocative tale of hidden pasts, love, and betrayal.

This story is a richly detailed journey into the darkest of legacies, and the premise unfolds with startling grace. It has to be stated immediately just how wonderful Melissa is as a protagonist. She strikes a delicate balance between naive curiosity and muted sadness. She carries with her many of her experiences from a tragic past, which at times gives her a haunting and damaged quality. Similarly, many of the supporting male characters have been wonderfully developed and exhibit a determined and charmingly positive masculinity.

Thematically, the plot concerns the realization that the uniformity of day-to-day life and the habitual tendencies of one's past are sometimes just a thin veneer over something much darker. The book works so well because it's filled with richly detailed figures and an elevated narrative. In fact, there are moments where one is struck by how comforting and yet spooky the storyline is. In some ways, it's like a long, gorgeous, and gloomy dream—a dream that one never wants to end. In short, the author's book is a complex literary experience worth having.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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