Love Money Greed: The Rise of the Money Bag Boyz
by Dimas D. Tollinchi

"I yearned to be something greater…. The way the mind moved, the sky would be the limit."

Dima's life is usually free from complications. He makes money slinging dope and living with his girl, Maria. However, his world is rocked when his brother calls to inform him that their father is dying. Dima must return to New York, where he left many fractured relationships after he was exiled to Florida as a teenager. Dima and his brother Jayden reconnect while on the way to visit their moribund father. After their dad's passing, they discover something was left for them: money and a large quantity of cocaine. Dima decides to take his father's bequest and delve further into the drug trade. Soon, Dima has a crew and is making a name for himself. However, he is also coming to the attention of those who don't take kindly to upstarts.

The author's novel excels as a dramatic crime narrative that charts a young man's rise from street soldier to the head of his own empire. The story is primarily told through the perspective of Dima, a smart but ambitious young man who wants his shot at the brass ring and doesn't shy away from confronting those in his way. He is surrounded by a crew of men and women who are stalwart defenders of their team and their turf. His enemies are brutal but cunning in their tactics, making for worthy adversaries and suitable antagonists in the plot. Author Tollinchi takes a once familiar gangster story and infuses it with greed, lust, and enough adrenaline to keep the storyline going for the duration. This book is a New Jack City for the twenty-first century.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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