Love in the Darkness
by Rian McMurtry
Author Reputation Press

"A furious word from me can fuse or fission matter at the atomic level, and the other wizards might be able to contain me long enough to calm me down. Sort of like my tutor."

Angela Fujiwara is back and is ready for more in her junior year in high school, magical abilities and all. She's got many new and exciting things going on in her life, but she has become estranged from her mentor, Seth. Not only that, but she's back together with her boyfriend, Dave, who doesn't need to know about the magical world she resides in. She also has a new apprentice of her own that she has to teach the ropes to. Will she be able to balance them all?

This third installment in the series will yet again excite young adult fantasy readers. While it delves more into the mystical elements built up throughout the series, it adds enough quirkiness of typical high school life to balance it out. It may confuse newcomers to the series to immediately jump into this book without reading any of the previous ones as it builds on some of the events and sequences in previous installments. However, it still manages to hold up on its own with an intricate plot and narrative.

Angela continues to be a shining light in this series as a sarcastic and entertaining lead. Readers will be drawn to her personality and wit, as well as the more fleshed-out aspects of her magical abilities. Character development is a rather substantial drawing point to this particular book, as well. Continuing characters of the series are given a little more time in the sun and are more thought out, while well-established players are given even more development. Even some of the new characters, such as Angela's apprentice, are fun and exciting to follow. Elements such as the dynamics between Angela, Seth, and Dave are also complex and fascinating to watch.

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