Lower Alabama Bigfoot: No Longer a Myth
by Ashley R. McPhaul

"But one thing is for sure: there is something out here in these swamps. Something that can’t be explained."

McPhaul's comprehensive collection of dozens of accounts of Bigfoot sightings takes place in just two rural counties in Lower Alabama. McPhaul has experienced several unexplainable incidents himself, which he shares in great detail. After he began to talk about his experiences on a local radio show, many people came forward to tell their own stories, which they had feared no one would believe. McPhaul meticulously recounts these events and provides maps, corroborating photos, and supporting details about the people and communities dealing with this mysterious phenomenon.

As a member of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, McPhaul is used to debunking people's Bigfoot sightings. With his extensive knowledge of the local terrain and wildlife, McPhaul can disprove many claims, but other stories evade easy explanations. He evaluates various possibilities for the sightings and leaves readers to decide for themselves what might have occurred.

Lovers of folklore and cryptids have much to appreciate in this book, as McPhaul shares many details of Bigfoot lore from Alabama and elsewhere. McPhaul's own vacillation between believer and skeptic early in the book lends his collected tales some plausibility, but even non-believers will enjoy the spirited storytelling. Even outside of the Bigfoot incidents themselves, the book could serve as a social documentary, as McPhaul lovingly describes the people and locations in Southern Alabama and grants insight into their culture. Hunting and spending time outdoors are a large part of life for many in these communities, including the author, and the rich descriptions of land, animals, and hunters' pastimes paint a compelling background to this fascinating collection of Bigfoot stories.

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