Lyle’s Christmas
by Kimberly Vincent-Hampton
PageTurner Press and Media

"There was not a creature stirring… well, maybe a mouse."

This fully illustrated children’s book follows little Lyle, a mouse too excited to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of having Santa Claus pay a visit to his home and bring gifts becomes too much for him to stand, and he cannot keep his eyes closed. In fact, he decides to check on the stocking he has prepared for the occasion. Little does he know that Santa Claus is aware of even the smallest spies on his evening rounds, which leads to a gentle encounter between Lyle and this merry spirit of the season. It is a meeting imbued with magical goodness alongside a tasty treat or two and becomes a night Lyle is sure never to forget.

Vibrant and detailed illustrations cover each page of this tale, through which the melodic rhymes of the plot wind like ribbons on presents. A great deal of thought and care clearly went into making what befalls Lyle a wondrous experience for children to enjoy around the holiday season, and it shows in all the best ways. The colorful visuals are fun and soothing to gaze at, and the singsong verses make it a perfect choice for a bedtime story as Christmas Eve draws closer. The language is also simple enough to make it a solid option, with a festive twist, for beginning readers to practice their skills. Furthermore, the obvious sense of goodwill throughout the story only strengthens and helps to make this read an excellent addition to any library of Christmas-themed children’s works.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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