Maegics Heir: Druid’s Quest
by G. L. Cramb
Magpie Publishing

"Great and ancient Maegics have, however, led you to be in this place and this time."

Etoen Bearheart keeps a secret for many years as he fulfills a long-standing oath. When his son, Arias, finds himself obligated to follow his father’s wishes and go in search of the Druid of Esper, he is at first apprehensive. Yet, Arias is uniquely qualified for such a task, having been prepared all his life for such a feat. Accompanied by a couple of intuitive and talented furry friends and a huge wolf his father found as a puppy, Arias sets off in search of the druid. During his long, dangerous quest, he meets many who will prove true and faithful friends, even picking up a few companions along the way. Discovering that many of the kingdom’s young people are being kidnapped and sold into a life of forced labor, Arias steps in to help those he can. However, his interference not only gains him a reputation as a hero, but it also attracts the attention of the one profiting from this human misery. Now, it becomes even more imperative that Arias complete his mission.

This first book in a new fantasy series tells a compelling tale of one who finds himself thrust into a situation he neither expects nor could have imagined. The author creates a strange and mythical story full of adventure and intrigue, quickly pulling one in and maintaining interest throughout. Readers will quickly become enthralled with these interesting characters and find themselves eagerly devouring each chapter. The plot moves along at a steady pace, letting the tension build as each discovery about the protagonist is revealed. Not only is this an overall great book, the author playfully inserts nods to his favorite songs, bands, authors, and characters which are just fun to discover. This journey into Cramb's artfully conceived world is one not soon forgotten.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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