Magic Mines: The Treasure of Love
by Mandeep Singh Lotta
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"Why should I use words on you that are not even worth your fate?"

Love and devotion dusted with hints of loss and deceit glisten on the walls of this poetic mine. In the mine, the walls of commitment and romantic nature constantly collapse, reform, and reshape under the quiet and overt intimate expectations and passionate pressures. As one narrator learns to let go of the one they hold dearest, a boldly declared "I LOVE YOU" punctuated by an even bolder "GOODBYE" seemingly seals the mine forever. However, hope gleams once again through the mine's small entrance. Warmth reemerges in poetic letters addressed to "PO Box Love," and readers remember that even the tiniest ounce of love holds immense, ceaseless power. In the end, love prevails and with it, the encouragement that humanity needs. The final poem reminds readers, "Do all the good you can, and you are sure to find your love."

In this brief but emotionally vast collection, readers dig deep into the sweetness and bitterness of a complex, intimate relationship. With each reading, the poems become whatever type of literary, literal, or figurative gem the reader desires. While some readers will mine agates of hope and recovery, others will unearth diamonds of philosophy, spiritual focus, and enlightenment. Because of its enjoyable pacing and ease, the collection opens poetry's gates for those new to the genre. Traditionalists will appreciate the book's incorporation of traditional rhyme schemes, while experimentalists will like the compilation's unique structure as well as the varying structures of the poems. With magic on every page, this book is sure to entrance readers for hours and give hope to those longing for the four-letter word every human desires most.

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