MAN-DAR of Atlantis
by Kenneth J. Sousa

"I want to do something special with my life. Something no one else has done. Maybe I can prove Atlantis existed!"

Shortly after Manny Silva encounters the gun-wielding Patrick Harris while on his job as a security guard at G&G Trucking, he leaves town to fulfill his dream of proving the existence of Atlantis. Intrigued by the writings of “the sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce, Manny is convinced that the truth about Atlantis is obtainable. Manny plans to see his long-time girlfriend, Iris, before heading to South America, where he will begin his quest in the Mayan ruins. Manny falls ill after eating from one of the local establishments in Mexico City, and though he makes his way to Guatemala City, his condition is increasingly painful. In his delirious state, Manny begins to scream the name Lugaar. Transported to an ancient time, he is now known as Man-Dar, and he must embark on a mission involving the Euro delegation and a husband and wife team attempting to act as a buffer between the Empire and the giant, murderous beasts that threaten them all.

This sci-fi thriller, inspired by Edgar Cayce, is a well-written plunge into the theory of the twentieth-century clairvoyant. Sousa outlines Cayce’s writings on Atlantis through Manny’s obsession with the author’s work. Sousa imagines a world shaped like Cayce’s visions and does a good job doing so. The premise is intriguing, and anyone familiar with Cayce will be sure to enjoy this memorable offering which delves into other aspects of Cayce’s extensive writing, such as reincarnation. As the author expounds upon Cayce’s belief in the actuality of Atlantis and its influence on the modern world, a knowledge of “the sleeping prophet’s” works is not a requirement for enjoying this book. This is an entertaining read with an exhilarating plot set in a mesmerizing world and enhanced by a bit of romance.

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