Marcus - King of the Dandelions
by L. Malungu
Balboa Press

"’You have a wonderful mind, my son.’"

This book for older children is just one of a series that focuses on Marcus and his life adventures. It begins with a preface for adults regarding their influence on children and the importance of learning. The story ensues, beginning with Marcus’ mother in the kitchen preparing for the day by making breakfast and doing laundry while five-year-old Marcus is visiting Farmer Wyatt. He makes his mother a dandelion necklace and also makes himself a dandelion crown. She teaches him about perennials and the importance of dandelions, which are considered weeds by many people. When told that mowing the dandelions causes them to grow more blossoms, Marcus tells her he’s going back to Farmer Wyatt to ask him if he can mow his lawn. The book ends by discussing the different vowels and how to decode them.

The author’s book is not only focused on the importance of the natural world but also on the relationship between a parent and child and their bonding. Throughout the reading, the mother reinforces Marcus’ strengths by listening, complimenting him, and encouraging him regarding his adventures, which translates to the child who is listening to the story or reading it. When each sentence in the book reveals highlighted vowels and consonants, it enables the reader to learn new vocabulary words, offering solid teaching moments throughout the book. The mother is seen in a traditional role, and the narrative focuses on her gratitude for the mysteries in life, which helps her also to see her child’s gratitude for the wonders he experiences.

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