Match: A Medical Murder Mystery
by Amy S. Peele
She Writes Press

"She heard a door slam and footsteps coming down a flight of stairs. A man in a hoodie walked in with a tray and placed it on the floor near her."

In this medical murder mystery, readers accompany Sarah Golden, a transplant nurse at the San Francisco Global Organ Transplant Institute, as murder, suspicion, and the consequences of failed relationships haunt her. After the mysterious death and suspected murder of an employee named Kayla, Sarah finds herself entangled in the throes of a murder investigation, the perils of a friend's failing marriage, and the life-and-death battle of a young boy who requires a life-saving kidney transplant. Meanwhile, when Sarah becomes a suspect in Kayla's murder, her friend Jackie balances caring for her ill son, Wyatt, and becoming a pseudo-investigator determined to operate on the fringes of legality and find Kayla's killer. The drama intensifies as both Sarah and Wyatt face life-altering surgeries, Jackie's marriage borders on failing, and the investigation takes a dark, dark turn that threatens all involved.

Dramatic, accessible, and suspenseful, this book holds the thrills and medical insight of a Robin Cook novel and the mystique of Michael Crichton's best. Obviously well-researched, the narrative gives readers an insight into the complications, dangers, and legalities of the medical transplant industry. Simultaneously, the book's thrilling plot takes readers coast to coast from Miami to San Francisco on a whirlwind crime-thriller adventure. Because chapters alternate character points of view, just when readers anticipate one outcome, a completely different one emerges. Characters like Biker Bob intrigue readers because of their unique personas, while Sarah Golden becomes a lighthouse for humanity. Fast-paced and intelligent, this page-turner is sure to become a quick favorite for fans of medical mysteries and medical thrillers.

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