"World War III is really all about making all countries in the world democratic along the lines of the Western capitalist system."

In this well-organized book, the author offers her provocative take on the current global state of affairs. Snow introduces novel ideas about government corruption and One-World governments. Deeply distrusting the Australian government, Snow painstakingly cites many cases of malicious cover-up from the highest seat of government. The author claims to be one of several people in the world who knew about the impending doom of 9/11, the day that two planes flew into the World Trade Centers and killed thousands of people. It is no longer of primary purpose to discover who or how 9/11 came to pass, she argues, but rather it is imperative now to take a deeper look into how Islamic countries can stop exporting their overpopulation to other regions of the world, including Australia.

Snow claims that in the 1970s, the world was warned by the United Nations to reduce its population, but the warnings came and went without action. The author argues that in Islamic countries where Jihad prevails, there will be continuous overpopulation because as the mujahideen enter into conflict, the women and children are left to flee as refugees. The author’s point that public opinion is hijacked by the media and not actually the public’s opinion at all is food for thought. In her lengthy book, the author discusses a wide range of topics, including internal states of terrorism, voter fraud in the US and its implications on a global scale, Osama bin Laden, the mistakes of divorce-family courts, and how to best prepare for a One-World government. Overall, this is a thought-provoking book about government and its overreach of power.

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