"The Lop-Eared Frizzel Frop Lives on the Mountain Top."

This illustrated children’s book begins with a poem that introduces the titular Lop-Eared Frizzel Frop, a bunny with very long ears who rolls down the side of his mountain home until a police officer tells him to stop (likely because he just went through someone’s strawberry crop). A short story follows the poem that tells of a boy named M.B. who loves to visit the zoo but gets into trouble when a lion breaks out of his cage. One of his animal friends, a bird named Juck, goes to find help and comes across the Lop-Eared Frizzel Frop, who rolls off to rescue M.B. from the lion. The third section of the book explains how much M.B. Loves to spend time with his friends at the zoo, which is implied to take place within his dreams or imagination.

One of the biggest things that stands out about this book is its fun illustrations. The Lop-Eared Frizzel Frop is adorable, and young children who love rabbits will be instantly attracted to him and his long ears. It might also give them a laugh to think of rabbits rolling down mountains, which is certainly an interesting idea. Showing how much M.B. enjoys the zoo could also make this tale a fun one to read to children before taking such a trip in real life, almost like an introduction to the whole cast of fun creatures they will soon get to see for themselves. The introduction to this book mentions that it is supposed to be the first of several tales to come with M.B. going on adventures alongside his friends at the zoo, so it can get children excited to find out what will happen next as well.

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