Mega Quake 2023
by Richard Ruhling
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"When asked about the end of the world, Christ said it would be 'as the days of Noah.' That means lots of people are going to die."

Ruhling uncovers messages hidden in the Bible warning of an unparalleled earthquake in 2023, including a string of devastating end of times prophecies. The earthquake will take place along the American west coast, and Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Bernardino, and various other cities will be thoroughly leveled. The 2015 movie San Andreas was perhaps a harbinger of this coming disaster. In the spring of 2023, the armies of many nations will march on Jerusalem, attempting to kill the Jewish people who live there, but these armies will be defeated by God. Discussion of the coming quake leads to various other topics, such as the true origin of the COVID vaccine and its potential side effects and that people may have been better off avoiding hospitals and relying on natural remedies for healing.

The chapters devoted to the titular quake are lurid and interesting. Ruhling shows courage in predicting a disaster so close to the present date, knowing that the events of the next year will either verify or disprove his central thesis. His vision of the destruction to be caused by the quake and the sense of urgency he evinces make the book an intriguing read from beginning to end. As a window into the worldview of some groups associated with the evangelical right, the book may be of interest to scholars of religion. Because chapters are typically short and Ruhling never lingers too long on one subject, the reader’s attention seldom wavers. His interpretations of biblical passages are in some cases unique. The author has written a book that will engage and enlighten.

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