"So which one of you is thirsty tonight: the sad ex-cop or the broken widower or the disillusioned writer?"

Since tragically losing his wife and then his job as a homicide detective, Raymond “Mack” Mackey has retreated into a life of seclusion that he mostly shares with his cat, Philippa, or Phil for short. His law-enforcement career ended after internal affairs wrongly accused him of secretly working for a local crime boss. Now, he spends his days attempting to write crime fiction based on his past cases—unsuccessfully so far. Mack also struggles with an unusual psychological disorder that gives him the ability to observe himself as if he is a separate person. It makes picking up the pieces of his shattered life even more difficult. However, life isn’t done punishing him. When an investigator from Mack’s former department shows up at his front door with new questions and accusations, the former homicide detective has had enough. He launches his own investigation in order to clear his name.

Mack’s curious psychological condition comes to life with the use of alternating perspectives—switching from first to third person—throughout the story. Although disconcerting at first, it ultimately feels “normal” for Mack, providing the reader with detailed insights into his character, emotions, and personality from two different viewpoints. This page-turner is a fast-paced and entertaining read featuring hard-boiled characters reminiscent of those created by author Raymond Chandler. Mack, a hardened, modern-day ex-cop, is an unconventional, multi-faceted character surrounded by an equally compelling supporting cast. Fans of crime fiction, particularly those featuring complicated, quirky characters, should enjoy this book. It is the first offering in a series that promises to keep readers coming back for more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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