Mille Umbra
by Michael P. Williams
Gotham Books

"Who knows, maybe every time you dream, you create a new reality."

The subject of reality has been a hot topic over the centuries and called many things—relative perception, a persistent illusion, sometimes cruel, and always unpredictable. The author’s book toys with the idea that reality is as malleable as it is ever-changing, creating a horrific mind-bending story reminiscent of the tales of Lovecraft’s Elder Gods. It starts innocently enough with a storm, three survivors, and a scientist stranded on an island. Little do they know just how much Project Lucidity, the secret government project on that island, will play a role in who makes it out alive.

Unlike a traditional horror story, this one is a cocktail of nightmare fuel that expertly blends elements of horror, the paranormal, government secrecy, and science fiction. The author hones psychological terror into a sharp edge that cuts at the reader with the turn of the page. There are many twists and turns that are sure to satisfy the reader’s need for non-stop, heart-pulsing action. The only constant one is promised throughout the tale is not to trust what is being shown. The layers of realities encountered by each character are artfully woven together like a tapestry meant to bind and break all except for one—Lisa. What is real? Will the chaotic, god-like beings be stopped before it is too late?

The author doesn’t offer a satisfying resolution to those questions. Instead, he leaves it up to the reader’s imagination as to whether the characters (and humanity) are truly safe in the end. Geared for those who enjoy a sleepless night and a good adrenaline rush, Williams’ novel will surely satisfy the wishes of even the most hardcore science fiction and horror readers.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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