"Two men look out the prison window. One sees stars; the other sees mud."

Seemingly harnessing the universe's energy throughout time, Wei's sequel delivers an aggregation of a comprehensive range of quotes that possess the power to shape one's thought and life. While the selected passages are filled with lessons, what makes them intriguing is the creative manner in which they are depicted. The quotes do very little preaching and instead use philosophy, literary devices, or sensory images to urge the reader to dig deeper within themselves and ignite actionable change in their day-to-day lives.

From providing perspective to instilling confidence and overcoming fear, the compilation features an array of themes. Audience engagement is central to the quotes, whether portraying an individual complaining about not having shoes when they meet a man with no feet or the author's attempts to demonstrate anger through the boiling water metaphor. Moreover, the speakers of the selected quotes run the gamut of time and influence. Within the covers, readers will find the words of actors like Emma Watson, Thoreau's transcendental wisdom, the genius of Benjamin Franklin, Egyptian proverbs, and much more. Above all else, every quote is impactful, creating a pathway to overcoming obstacles and discovering self-realization.

Though Wei's work is a conglomeration of quotes pulled from myriad resources, there is an innate artistic talent in the method of selection that seems to focus specifically on making a lasting impact on the reader. Ideal for the spiritual reader, one who is down on their luck, or someone simply in a rut, Wei's work acts as a simple guide map toward reacquainting oneself with what it means to be human.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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