Moscow Gold: A Novel of Twentieth-Century Spain
by Douglas L. Field

"Mood reflects weather. Cold fear, together with cold wind, infused Nacho as he worked his way toward the big boulevard."

Set during the Cold War, the author’s book chronicles the adventures of David Fordham. Fordham is an expatriate and a freelance journalist living in Madrid. Reluctantly, David takes on the investigation of a cold case involving the disappearance of gold reserves during the Spanish Civil War. The search weaves David’s path with that of civil war veteran Igancio “Nacho” Arjona—a likable, philosophical character—and a cast of many others. David’s investigation leads him not only through Spain but also throughout the globe and into exotic and dangerous places such as Paris and Moscow. He and his cohorts unravel an international cover-up that threatens not only Europe and the globe but also their lives.

This novel takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of conspiracy and espionage. It also toys with the concept of a journalist’s role in international affairs, which adds an interesting ethical bent to the book. At its core, however, the book is an adventure that rejuvenates the Cold War genre. This book will appeal to readers seeking an adventure with a romantic flair. The love story is part of the story but doesn’t overshadow the central plot and instead blends effectively into it. Because of characters like Nacho, humor reminiscent of that in films like Red tempers the novel’s serious elements. Backing the fictional aspects are some of the most interesting events in Cold War and Spanish history. This book is sure to pique readers’ interests in events and circumstances in history that few ever read or hear.

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