Mr. Bob’s Corny Jokes
by Cynthia Dewindt

"Ms. Carol’s eyes looked toward the ceiling as she mumbled, ‘Oh boy. Here we go!’"

What did the tube of toothpaste say to the other tube of toothpaste? “There’s always something brushing up against me.” What did one clock say to another clock? “It’s about time!” Or, how about this: What did one book say to another book? “You need to stop telling stories.” These silly—and quite corny—jokes are just some of the hackneyed one-liners a most eccentric, enthusiastic Mr. Bob thoroughly enjoys asking his wife, Ms. Carol, and their son, BJ. In fact, Ms. Carol is quick to recognize “that special look in Mr. Bob’s eyes” which always tells her he is in his “funny bone mood,” and their house will be anything but quiet. After these frequent one-liners, all Bob can do is grab his belly and laugh and laugh at his own witticisms. However, Ms. Carol appreciates being married to a man who works “so hard to make her laugh,” and she simply would not have it any other way.

This is a funny—and fun—children’s picture book by author Dewindt. Though the jokes themselves might be trite and well-worn, one cannot help but appreciate Mr. Bob’s seemingly continuous effort and energy in bringing corny laughter to his family’s humble abode. The “ridiculousness” of such a determined family comedian, while silly in and of itself, is precisely why Dewindt’s picture book will likely prove a fun treat. It is a carefree escape from more mundane daily activities and undoubtedly will be a joy to read aloud to young children. It is not a stretch to imagine that sharing this book could inspire original “corny jokes” and even a play on words or two from children with whom Mr. Bob’s silly shenanigans are shared, whether in a grade school setting or during any library story time hour. And that is no joke.

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