"We're not playing by the same rules of physics..."

A successful young California professional, Margo, falls for Nick, who turns out to be far different than she imagined. On a second date, he proposes and takes her to see his world—the North Pole. This delightful story is a time-traveling, modern-day Christmas story. Reading this book aloud is likely to be the beginning of a family's new holiday tradition.

This new version of the Santa Claus story is refreshing because it is more inclusive. Especially welcome is the message of peace and unity that Mr. and Mrs. Claus begin to spread the world over. "This year we will be spreading the spirit of Christmas as never before, to all faiths and all parts of the globe... because we are deeply troubled by the greed, hate and fear dividing this world... a world so urgently in need of healing that it may soon crumble," says Mrs. Claus.

Perone writes a whimsical yet spiritual book. Readers learn (or relearn) the original story of Saint Nicholas and what he stood for. Intriguingly, the elves turn out to be angels, so the story takes on a religious tone in this aspect, as well. The Claus family hopes that the world will embrace religion with their more ecumenical message. The author delivers even more with this tale, including action, drama, romance, and a little magic. Whether one is a spiritual reader or not, this Christmas fantasy is heartwarming, fun, and entertaining. This winter, families can bake up the cookies and gather around with young and old for a unique Christmas story.

Perone's Turned On! was a 2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

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