My Fight to Survive: An Inspirational True Story
by Lisa Valvano
Author Reputation Press

"Over the years, I have tried to live my life as normally as possible."

At the age of nine, in 1975, author Valvano was involved in a horrific accident on a ski slope. The result would be a life of handicaps that she has accepted as a challenge, with faith and a good sense of humor as two of her best aids. After crashing with her older sister in a toboggan, Valvano was not expected to survive. She would spend ten months in the hospital, with each small sign of sustained life viewed by her parents as a miracle. Her mother was especially devoted to the care of her daughter, who, it was revealed early on, had been totally blinded by the accident, had very little ability to move any part of her body, and would never walk again. Her mother saw tiny indications that her child was improving even when doctors believed otherwise. Later, Valvano would return to school and attain two college degrees. She uses writing and public speaking in meaningful settings to support other disabled persons.

Valvano's book is filled with the frustrations and blessings that she faced once her battle with injuries began. Some of her former school friends chose to ignore her, while others took a special interest in talking and joking with her. She candidly acknowledges that she may never find happiness in the conventional scenario of marriage and motherhood. Still, she has developed many strong friendships with men over the years, and family ties are also precious to her. Being a person of religious conviction, she believes that faith has brought her this far and will continue to guide her. Valvano's book, personal, frank, and conscientiously organized, will undoubtedly provide inspiration, both for those who, like her, suffer from physical disablement and also for anyone who needs a reminder that love and determination can overcome great obstacles.

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