"As you read this book, you will walk through time from the Garden to the resurrection of Jesus."

Author and missionary Bouchard offers a compressed storyline covering Christian history from its beginnings before the Garden of Eden and reaching beyond the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Her tale begins when God must expel Lucifer from Heaven after that angelic being attempts to take God's power for himself. As Satan (or the Devil), Lucifer still plots to destroy all goodness in a destructive pattern that began with tempting Eve to break God's commands. It was a sad occasion for humankind since it meant that death would become a reality, and God would be separated from people who would have to make efforts to seek him out.

God then sends His son to rectify some of these dilemmas, and Jesus is born as a plain, undistinguished child of humble heritage. His gradual ascent to widespread spiritual recognition comes through his powerful words and deeds, widely described as miracles. After his horrific punishment and departure from his disciples, he assumes a form that can never disappear, helping and inspiring all those who sincerely wish to have God's blessing in their lives.

Bouchard, who with her husband has served as a missionary on four continents, writes this simple but scintillating Bible-based account to steer some modern Christians away from newly minted, non-scriptural beliefs and "churchy" words that defy genuine understanding. To address such terms and concepts, her forty-seven-episode tale contains helpful boxes with proper definitions, such as a description of "Angels" as "heavenly attendants of God." Each chapter is told in language that is easy to grasp, appealing to Christians of all ages and settings, giving the biblical facts a human face while offering a wide range of spiritual concepts to ponder. Bouchard's book will doubtless provide material for further study in any Christian-based setting.

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