Nicky, A Boy’s Furry Companion
by Bonnie Lou Schreiner
Bonnie Lou Schreiner Publications

"Boy and dog are inseparable companions."

In this colorful children’s book, young readers meet ten-year-old Stevie. As Stevie walks towards the library, he hears whimpering and whining from some nearby bushes. After a library assistant and animal control help Stevie rescue the little dog, Stevie’s life changes after he and his mother visit the local animal shelter where animal control takes the canine. Young readers accompany Stevie as he and his mom adopt the dog, which they name Nicky. Young readers also learn how pet adoption is a commitment and the processes shelters use to make sure animals find good homes. As they follow Stevie and Nicky’s journey to becoming best friends, children embark on their own journey to becoming responsible pet owners.

This book is a wonderful teaching tool for parents and guardians wanting to teach children about the responsibilities of pet ownership. The book’s insights about shelters and animal rescue, as well as its easy-to-understand portrayals of pet care, will encourage children to develop responsible animal care habits. The book also reminds readers that adopting a pet is a long-term commitment and that animals make a positive difference in a family. The illustrations contribute to the story and make Stevie’s story realistic and more understandable. This story reminds readers that helping animals find homes is a generous, compassionate act that can positively transform the lives of everyone. This book is one that young readers and their families will return to time and time again, and its message of love and acceptance is sure to brighten every reader’s day.

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