Nomas: The Shattered World
by T.R. Payne

"Unfortunately, cruel and tyrannical people and beings always seem to survive as well, and they always want more power, more control."

In a world devastated by massive earthquakes, most lifeforms have perished, leading to the downfall of nations. Despite their shared crisis, small pockets of humanity continue to struggle against each other. The Community, declared a superior civilization by their leaders, the Elders, is one such pocket of humankind. But when fourteen-year-old Nomas gets sent by the Elders to infiltrate and spy on the Village, a location known for its powerful fortifications, he glimpses life beyond the cruel, hierarchical existence he has come to know so well. He understands and finds value in family ties thanks to his relationships with the people he meets, including young Gilia, a girl who hopes to walk again one day, and her grandfather, Professor Ashwood. During his adventure, Nomas also learns of the AI City and must help his new friends to overcome devious plans created by greedy individuals to gain more power.

Post-apocalyptic worlds often serve as warnings of terrible things that could happen if society fails to remain vigilant against certain dangers. Such warnings usually have more to do with the actions of humanity rather than the actual disasters described. For instance, while massive earthquakes may never destroy most life on the planet, corrupt leaders who seek to control the people under them with claims of their superiority, keep them from thinking for themselves, and often spur them to violence against others through lies are reflected in this book as terrible dangers of which everyone should be aware. In contrast, Nomas discovers the importance of gaining a better understanding of the world and seeking ways to unify people rather than trying to drive them apart for the benefit of a few self-serving individuals. Ideas such as these help make the author’s book a very timely read.

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